Revitalised Program

Are you a non-exerciser??

In this innovative collaborative partnership between Flinders University Sport & Fitness and the College of Nursing & Health Sciences, offers opportunities to turn around your life and get active!

A 10-week health and fitness program which includes initial & final assessments, and ‘one-on-one’ individualised training, under supervised Exercise Sports Science students for 8 weeks.

Previous participants say:
“Not a single negative thing to say. Great program!”
“I feel a lot more confident when I gym alone now.”

Cost and eligibility:

$329 staff (or 10 x $32.90 weekly payments)
$199 students (or 10 x $19.90 weekly payments)

BONUS: Free 3 month Flinders University Sport & Fitness membership to continue your progress at the conclusion of the program.

Limited places, determine eligibility here: