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Flinders University Sport and Fitness is pleased to be working with Sam Elliott to deliver a 3-part seminar series covering

(1) Confidence, Imagery and Performance
(2) Managing a dual career as a student-athlete
(3) Athlete resilience.

These form the basis of an Athlete Education program that consolidates efforts to develop and support emerging, elite and high performing athletes of Flinders University.
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2017 Scholarship Athletes

We are excited about joining you on your sporting and academic journey and hope we can assist you in achieving your goals.

Francesca Kidd  Sprint Kayak
Lauren Aspinall Squash
Stuart Blair Duathlon / Cycling
Jennifer Cullen-Pascoe Taekwondo
Riley Cocks Athletics
Dominic Sutton Athletics
Amelia Griffin Taekwondo
Cooper Sayers Cycling
Brayden Davidson Para Athletics
Imogen Hardacre Athletics
Narelle Badenoch CrossFit
Megan Wild CrossFit
Thomas Rowe CrossFit
Dermot O’Rourke CrossFit
Thomas Auger Taekwondo
Ruby Bracken Sprint Kayak
Julia Nowecki Handball
Thomas Allford Cycling
Lauren Wearne CrossFit
Harrison Johns Hockey
Lachlan Scott Athletics
Christopher Skull Soccer
Jocelyn Nuemueller Para Canoe / Wheelchair Basketball
Russell Moore Beach
Erin Strong Judo / Handball
Rikki Belder Cycling
Jack Tierney Triathlon
Tessa Manning Cyclocross
Chelsea Newsome

Sara-Jane Emberton

Offroad Motorcycle





 Apply for a scholarship

Download and fill in the Scholarship Application 2018

At Flinders University, we appreciate how difficult it is to combine elite and high performance ambitions with an academic workload. Flinders Sport and fitness offers up a number of sporting scholarships each year to assist athletes combine their study and sport.

Dates for application closures are ; 29th March 2018 and 10th August 2018.

Flinders is a member of the Elite Athlete Friendly University (EAFU) program that supports Australia’s elite athletes to achieve academic excellence while also pursuing a sporting career. We recommend all athletes apply for Elite athlete status. For more information see the website

Sporting scholarships : Eligibility

Competing at the highest level in your state or above:

  • International – representing Australia at senior and junior level
  • National – competing at national level within Australia
  • State – participating in the top tier competition in the state (with the potential to compete at national and international competition)


37 sporting scholarships totalling $90,000 available across three tiers:

  • Tier 1: 2 x $4,000
    • o Competed in the past four years at:
      • Olympic Games / Paralympics
      • Commonwealth Games
      • World Championships
      • World Cups
      • World University Games
    • Tier 2: 10 x $2,700
      • o Represented Australia in the last three years
      • o Currently competing for a senior state team
      • o Represented at a senior international event in the last 12 months
    • Tier 3: 25 x $2,200
      • o Development athletes
      • o State junior in the last two years
      • o Current state league team member

Scholarships provided
(access to and level of these services will depend upon scholarship tier):

  • Financial assistance towards sporting competition costs
  • Onsite sport and fitness facilities to train
  • Allied health professional support, including dietitian, physiotherapy, & massage
  • Coached strength and conditioning programming and facility access
  • Australian University Games package waived (travel not included)

Please direct any enquiries directly to Wendy Gower

E :

P : 8201 2842