Sports Vouchers

The sports voucher program is an initiative administered by Flinders University Sport & Fitness. The program provides an opportunity for new Flinders University students to receive a $50 discount on sports membership fees. The purpose of this program is to increase student participation at club level by reducing cost barriers for students and help clubs meet their affiliation criteria.   


Who is eligible?

All enrolled Flinders University students in either semester 1 or semester 2 during the period of  (1 x voucher per student).

All sports clubs affiliated with Flinders University Sport & Fitness clubs in 2022. 


How does it work?

Step 1

Students will be able to collect a physical sports voucher through a range of different promotional events and campaigns run by FUSF throughout the year (O’week, connect week, wellbeing week).

Clubs can also encourage student club members to collect a voucher from FUSF reception.


Step 2

Each voucher will have a unique code and needs to be filled out by the student.

Student must then present the voucher to a club member (Coach / Administrator / President).

Club member will collect the voucher and record the unique code & student information and then offer the student an appropriate discount on their fees.


Step 3

Clubs will be able to invoice FUSF at the end of each semester (2 x periods) during the year by providing FUSF with the name & unique code of each student that has joined their club.



Frequently Asked Questions:

When can the voucher be used?

The voucher can only be used once per student. The student must be currently enrolled in the semester of that year to be able to access the discount.

Can the voucher be split between two clubs?

No, only one voucher per club, per student.

Can current club student members access the voucher?

Yes, FUSF wants each club to have the ability to be able to retain current student members.

What if a student only comes to one training, presents the voucher but doesn’t join the club?

Then the voucher will not be valid.

Is there a limited number of how many vouchers my club can claim?

No, we encourage you to actively promote these vouches through your own marketing material and events.