What is MyZone?

MYZONE is a topnotch monitoring system that tracks and displays in real time the EFFORT of the individual wearing it. Users can easily see how hard they are working on our studio monitors, wearable, or smartphone. We coach, challenge, motivate, and inspire using this cool tool to help you get to your fitness goal.  We design various challenges each month to fire up your fitness using this wearable technology. This is just another way for us to motivate you and hold you accountable both in and outside of the Fitness Lab.

Yes, MYZONE tracks outside of the club too. Make all of your workouts count – even your recovery workouts.


How Does It Work?

Put the belt on with the MYZONE logo facing right side up with the black backing against your skin across your sternum. The belt will automatically beep once and it’s on. When you remove it it will beep three times and it turns off. Roughly 15 minutes after your workout, you should receive an email from MYZONE to the email you provided. All of your results are live within your Free MYZONE APP. For a more in-depth analysis, there are more results located on MYZONEMOVES.COM

What are MEPS?

Meps are MYZONE effort points. This is the metric we use to hold you accountable to your goals. The number is a combination of heart rate, age, and duration on work. Meps are rewarded based on effort; the harder the individual works, the more points are rewarded. This is completely individualized. More points isn’t always better.


This is the most important feature of the MYZONE technology in our opinion. MYZONE, in conjunction with W.H.O. (World Health Organization) has done research on heart rate, and they agree that reaching 1300 MONTHLY MEPs will basically erase all communicable diseases. We love it when you are at Flinders Uni Sport & Fitness working hard, but we understand that sometimes life can complicate getting to the gym.  If you can’t train with us, we encourage you to wear your belt, do something to elevate your heart rate, and attain that 1300 number. Hitting this goal will help you stay healthier and happier.

What Do the Different Zones Mean?

  • Red Numbers- Below 50% Effort- 0 Points
  • Gray Zone- 50-60% Effort 1 Point per minute
  • Blue Zone- 60-70% Effort 2 Points per minute
  • Green Zone- 70-80% Effort 3 points per minute
  • Yellow and Red Zone 80-100% Effort 4 points per minute

What Should I Be Aiming for MEP Wise?

  • 100-150 max in roughly 50 minutes
  • 85-115 max in roughly 30 minutes

Vacations and Workouts Outside of Flinders?

No matter where you are, if you have your MZ3, your workouts are going to be counted towards your goal. No matter where you are you can always do something.


OVERVIEW / USER GUIDE : If you’re wanting to see a more comprehensive overview read this article > HERE

If problems continue, let us know or contact MYZONE.