Sports Centre Facilities

Weights Room

Equipped with both free weights and pin loaded equipment, the weights room provides for all members.

Weight training is important for all, building muscle strength and tone, increasing your metabolism and developing bone strength and density. This offers opportunities and benefits to all to improve your health and wellbeing.

A large well equipped area with free and pinloaded weights.

  • 220sqm of floor space
  • Includes dumbbells up to 50kg
  • 2 squat racks
  • 8 benches
  • Maxim strength machines



Cardio & Functional Training Room

Our Cardio & Functional Training Room has some of the most inspirational views of the coast, coupled with the latest cardio equipment there’s no better place to be working out.

Fully equipped cardio room with a great range of cardio equipment, from internet linked video display cardio expresso bikes to rowers, grinders, ellipticals, and a wall of treadmills all provided in air conditioned comfort with big screen tvs for your pleasure over looking what is the best view of the coast. Be sure to check out the brand new eco friendly Woodway treadmill or skierg machines!

If you join in one of our HIIT group fitness classes or are looking to do your own thing, we have a variety of kettle bells, battle ropes, box jumps and the TRX system for you to take advantage of.



Ladies Only Gym

With the aim of giving women a safe, co-operative space to escape from the pressures of day-to-day living, this area is set up for women to workout exclusively of others.

Our Ladies Only Gym offers a private space for women to workout. Open throughout our centre opening hours, and 24 hours for members that have completed their induction, this area provides weights and cardio, with both free and pin loaded weights, as well as stretch and mat space for you to get a great workout.






The Bunker : Strength & Conditioning Room

FUSF are very proud to have a functional strength and conditioning room that services ;

• The exercise prescription and coaching of the elite athletes and scholarship holders
• Seasonal strength and conditioning programming, coaching and facility access to Flinders University clubs as well as high level external sporting clubs.

FUSF clubs have shown massive improvements in their performance as a result of preseason strength and conditioning with our expert staff. Enquire for your preseason program today!

Why do strength and conditioning?

• Maximise strength
• Train for maximal power and speed
• Optimise your movement economy

• Reduce the risk of injury
• Healthy & efficient body composition
• Reach peak performance!

Is strength and conditioning part of your programming? Do you want the benefits the coached sessions and programming offer personally? For your club / team?

Contact us : or 8201 2842