Flinders University Sports Awards


The Flinders University Sport Awards is an opportunity to celebrate the year in sport at Flinders University, and recognise outstanding achievement from both players and administrators from our sporting clubs and representative teams. The 2018 Flinders University Sports Awards will be held on Friday the 26th of October, details TBC. Please see the list below of our award winners from 2017:

Club Awards

A.E Mitchell Award Rachel Sullivan & Amanda Fairbairn (Flinders University Netball Club)
Volunteer of the Year Victoria Filsell (Flinders University Baseball Club)
Club of the Year Flinders University Netball Club
Club Letters (Service) Elizabeth Bogue (Flinders Flames Womens Soccer Club)
Club Letters (Performance) Elvio Sinopoli (Flinders University Volleyball Club)
Ely Haussen (Flinders University Football Club)
Jess Dubrich (Flinders University Volleyball Club)
Winson Wang (Flinders University Aikido Club)
Anna Melville (Flinders University Aikido Club)
Nadiah Abdul – Nasir (Flinders University Aikido Club)
Patty Van Duiin (Flinders Flames Womens Soccer Club)
Molly Fletcher  (Flinders Flames Womens Soccer Club)
Half Blue Award Bradley Sibbons (Flinders University Volleyball Club)
Mani Ganiger  (Flinders University Volleyball Club)
Blue Award Riley Cocks (Flinders University Athletics Club)
Hannah Mathwin (Flinders University Lacrosse Club)


UniSport Awards

Male Athlete of the Year Riley Cocks (Flinders University Athletics Club)
Female Athlete of the Year Holly Takos (Track Cycling)
UniSport Team of the Year Men’s Indoor Volleyball Team
Spirit of the Games Womens Soccer Team
Green & Gold Selection Bradley Sibbons (Men’s Indoor Volleyball)
Mani Ganiger (Men’s Indoor Volleyball)

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