Flinders University Sport as it stands in 2017 has 22 affiliated sporting clubs. These clubs are wide ranging and cater for different people with varying interests. Whether it be soccer, ultimate frisbee or martial arts we have the sporting club to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Register your interest with a Flinders University Sporting Club, its a great way to meet new people and make lifelong friends while being physically active, in a competitive/social sport setting representing the University.

For any general enquiries contact our Clubs Officer:     Mitchell Noye (


The Club Training Times page enables club members, club committees and the general population to view training times and other details based around each specific clubs training.

Visit the ‘Club Training Details Page’ for Further Details


The Club Events page details all upcoming events that club committee representatives, club members and the general population should be aware about and get involved in. Common events include:

  • Orientation Week
  • Sports Open Days
  • Grant Funding Meetings
  • Club Delegate Meetings
  • Club Development Seminars

Visit the ‘Club Events Page’ for Further Details


The Club Resources page provides club with the essential documents needed to ensure club governance meets the required standard. All relevant forms, templates and processes are easily accessible. Documents on the Club Resources page include:

  • Grant Funding Application Form
  • ATP Forms
  • Affiliation Document Templates
  • Clubs Newsletter (updated every two months)
  • Complaint Process
  • Facility Booking Process

And Many More..

Visit the ‘Club Resources Page’ for Further Details


The ‘Club Administration Page’ is password protected and for club committee use only.

This page enables club presidents/commitee members to upload key completed documents through an online upload portal. Once uploaded these documents are directly accessible by FlindersOne Sport.


The ‘Club Forum Page’ is password protected and for club committee use only.

The club forum is a platform for committee members/presidents to network and ask questions with representatives of other affiliated clubs. Additionally, this is a platform for direct contact to FlindersOne Sport and a way that communication can be enhanced between affiliated clubs and the Club and Social Sport Officer.

Use this forum for both general and specific enquiries.