Located on campus at Flinders University Bedford Park we are a recreational SCUBA club situated south of Adelaide. We welcome anyone who is keen to enjoy SCUBA diving and the club is open to students and public alike. That’s right, anyone can join! With over a 150 members each year, there is always something happening.

The club has 2 fully equipped boats for reaching all the off shore sites along the South Australian coast. Along with fully serviced SCUBA units for rental, wetsuits and all the other necessary gear for a great dive. We also do air fills onsite with our club room compressor and have 2 portable compressors for away trips. Finally FUUC has some of the cheapest gear hire, air fill and boat diving prices in Adelaide.

Regular weekend diving is all part of the package of being a FUUC club member. In addition you will have some some fantastic opportunities for weekends away to some spectacular dive sites throughout South Australia. Whether it be snapping a few photos, observing the Leafy Sea Dragon, diving with some Sea Lions or hunting some Southern Rock Lobster, FUUC can help with it all.

Membership Fees:

Flinders University Student – $50.00

Flinders University Alumni – $70.00

Standard Membership – $85.00

Contact Us:

Damian Bishop


Website:     https://www.flindersuniversityunderwaterclub.com.au/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/FlindersUniUnderwaterClub/